It was a terrible thing. Our modest business park office had one bathroom. The toilet had always been sluggish when flushed. Sometimes it would overflow. What a mess!

When we discussed the problem with our landlord, he would send in his helper with a plunger and it really didn’t fix the issue. We have five men in our office working everyday and the bathroom is busy all the time. We needed plumbing services Terre Haute based, and we found them with none other than Terre Haute Plumbing Services themselves.

After I Googled: plumbing services Terre Haute, I learned about the company Terre Haute Plumbing Services and how they were quite close to our business park location.

I told them that our landlord couldn’t
or wouldn’t fix our slow running toilet.

And I asked them for help.

Their plumbing service vehicle arrived with a young man eager to assist. He flushed the toilet a few times and carefully observed the flow of the water.

“I think you have a restriction here!” he said. He went to his truck and brought back some kind of specialized machinery that had a spool of cable on it. He began to feed the snake down the toilet, foot after foot, pressing the switch which rotated the spring-like cable as it crawled it’s way deeper and deeper down the toilet drain.

Then, suddenly, there was a bit
of a catch in the motor.

It was like he had struck something. It must have been the constriction in the pipe. “Ah, that’s it!” he said.

It would seem this was not his first rodeo with these matters. He knew he had aced it. He withdrew the cable from the toilet and gave it a few test flushing’s. It was working like a charm, better than it ever had before!

This guy was a miracle worker. I’m so glad that when I Googled plumbing services Terre Haute that this was the company that came up first!

They didn’t even leave a mess.

The bathroom was ready to use as soon as the plumber left and that was good since it was right after lunch.

Sometimes, when you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, and in this case, engage the services of someone who can do it right for you! This was indeed the case when I Googled plumbing services Terre Haute and discovered the professionals at Terre Haute Plumbing Services who came by promptly, fixed the problem and presented me with a very affordable bill.

What a joy it was to be able to use this toilet again and not always be fearful that it would overflow and send a nasty effluent all over the place.

Terre Haute Plumbing Services is the bomb!